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Have you ever imagined a world without poverty, a world without hunger, war or strife?

Have you ever imagined a world filled with peace, a world with abundance, happiness and joy?

This is the world we all dream to create.

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BSc, mathematics
One can never overstate the potential areas of application to be explored that a degree in Mathematics can create.

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PhD, Economics
My PhD is from the University of Delaware. UDEL has established a foundation for research and empirical exploration when seeking answers to real world questions.

Leo-Rey has a passion for learning, benevolence and charity. While plying his trade at the central bank, he also attempts to be exemplary in his civil duties. Serving as a Justice of the Peace and through mentorship he hopes to contribute to nation building in Jamaica.

At present Leo-Rey is Head of the Financial Stability Department at the Bank of Jamaica. He manages a team of financial economists responsible for assessing developments and quantifying risks to the financial system. His work includes the utilization macro-financial ratios; economic and financial theory; econometric & financial models; risk management tools; bank stress testing and market intelligence.

He is responsible for making recommendations in the setting of financial sector policies. In so doing, he is responsible for overseeing the design of risk assessment frameworks, developing forward looking models of financial conditions, and is tasked with writing reports and conducting research related to macro-financial conditions and risks in the financial sector.

Leo-Rey is also passionate about social responsibility and is a lover of music and sports.