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Bsc, mathematics
One can never overstate the potential areas of applications to be explored a degree in Mathematics can create


Mathematics & Economic Logic

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Financial & Risk Assessment

Leo-Rey has a passion for learning, benevolence and charity. While plying his trade at the central bank, he also attempts to be exemplary in his civil duties. Serving as a Justice of the Peace and through mentorship he hopes to contribute to nation building in Jamaica.

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At present Leo-Rey is Head of the Financial Stability Department at the Bank of Jamaica. He manages a team of financial economist responsible for assessing developments and quantifying risks to the financial system. His work includes the utilization macro-financial ratios; economic and financial theory; econometric & financial models; risk management tools; bank stress testing and market intelligence. Analyses of macro-financial ratios covers the banks, securities dealers, insurance companies and pensions funds. Performance ratios covering profitability, liquidity, asset utilization and capital adequacy are analyzed against the background of macro-economic developments.

Leo-Rey is also passionate about social responsibility and is a lover of music and sports.

PhD, Economics
My PhD from UDEL has established a foundation for research and empirical exploration when seeking answers to real world questions.

Have you ever imagined a world without poverty, a world without hunger, war or strife?

Have you ever imagined a world filled with peace, a world with abundance, happiness and joy?

This is the world we all dream to create.